Our Mission Vision


Al-Nawawi Institute is registered with The Registry of Societies Malaysia as the PERTUBUHAN INSTITUT AL-NAWAWI (THE ORGANIZATION OF AL-NAWAWI INSTITUTE) in 2016. It is an Islamic learning Education centre dedicated to spreading the knowledge of the deen.


1. To provide continuous    learning environment. 

2. To provide support and infrastructure.
3. To facilitate specific curriculum for professionals and youth.


A centre to offer a diverse range of fundamental as well as advanced Islamic courses, so as to inculcate the Islamic values into our generation.


 1. To organise  courses of Islamic knowledge/or enhance knowledge on the Deen  from Quran and Sunnah 
 2. To educate participants from all backgrounds with the fundamentals teaching of Islam. 
 3. To facilitate third parties with common interest and to utilize their available resources towards the management and implementation of identified projects and activities related to Islamic knowledge