Fiqh of Sunnah 4

Fiqh Of Sunnah 4

With  Sheikh Sajad Ahmad

Start: 2nd February 2022

Time : Every Wednesday, 11:30 am  (GMT +8)

2 Months course

"The isnad (chain) is part of the religion: had it not been for the isnad, whoever wished to would have said whatever he liked ... ". 

It is important to establish the relevance of the Sunnah (Prophetic examples) in the understanding of Fiqh (law). The Sunnah re-emphasizes and reiterates the injunction of the Qur’an. We know the HOWs,  now we need to learn the WHYs.    

Season 4 :

Azan: Linguistic and technical meaning

  • Prescribed Format for Pronouncing Azan
  • Bid'ah concerning the Azan
  • Prerequisites for the Prayer
  • The state of Prayer

Let's join Sheikh Sajad Ahmad on Season 4 of this Fiqh Series 

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