In the Shade of Ramadan

In the Shade of Ramadan

With  Sheikh Sajad Ahmad

Starts : 21st February 2024

Time & Date : 3 Sessions | Wednesdays  , 9.15pm (MYT)  

                                3 Session (IN RAMADAN)  | Fridays, 6.00pm (MYT)  

Online Classes | 6 Sessions

Course Outline:

I. Introduction to Ramadan

A. Definition and significance of Ramadan
B. Historical background

II. Spiritual Dimensions of Fasting

A. Understanding the spiritual benefits of fasting
B. Developing self-discipline and self-control.
C. Fostering empathy and compassion towards others

III. Quranic Studies and Hadith

A. Importance of the Quran during Ramadan
B. Reflection on selected verses related to fasting and spirituality
C. Exploring the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) related to Ramadan
D. Understanding the Sunnah practices during Ramadan
E. Implementing the teachings of Hadith in daily life

IV. Fiqh of Fasting

A. Rules and regulations of fasting
B. Exceptions and allowances in fasting
C. Practical guidance for observing fasting correctly

V. Social and Community Aspects

A. Importance of community gatherings and Iftar
B. Volunteer opportunities during Ramadan
C. Fostering unity and brotherhood/sisterhood in the community

VI. Personal Development

A. Goal setting and self-reflection during Ramadan
B. Strategies for personal growth and improvement
C. Cultivating habits for post-Ramadan sustainability

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