Mua’llim Faizul Awwal
Mua'llim Faizul Awwal

Mua'llim Faizul Awwal  has been doing his share of  education seekers on Islam since he graduated from Al-Junied in Singapore in 2008. It is during this shallow dive that he came to a logical realization: everything will be much easier if you understand Arabic. And so, upon completing National Service, he pursued a Degree in Arabic Language & Literature at IIUM, where he discovers even more awesome inspiring facts about this majestic language. 

Slowly, he’s beginning to understand why Arabic in the first place. And it is during this deep dive he realized: There’s absolutely no way you’ll understand Islam, your way of life, if you don’t master this eloquent tongue. And it is certainly not a boring subject. He also realized that the current Islamic education system is in dire need of a major overhaul.    

Mua'llim Faizul  is currently Al-Nawawi’s Imaan Week main facilitator for customised kids Islamic programs. He also conducts the weekly Quran ChillOut class every Saturday morning at Al-Nawawi. He is such a hit with his students that his classes are almost at full capacity.

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