Surah Yusuf : Life Lesson

Surah Yusuf : Life Lesson

Part 1

With  Sheikh Sajad Ahmad

Start: 3rd November 2022

Time : Every Thursday, 9 am  (GMT +8)

8 Weekly Program

Surah Yusuf anchors a multitude of life lessons for us to live an obedient and peaceful life.  As his story unfolds, It leads us to a vibrant approach of recognising the un-noticed skills and blessings even at the face of ultimate deprivation and defeat.


The course aims to extract gems from surat'ul Yusuf by employing multi pronged methodology that will be relevant to our present and practical life. By comparative method through the maqasid approach, we will discover objective analysis in the similarities and dissimilarities between the Old testament and the Quran.  

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