Talaqqi Sanad Ijazah

Talaqqi Sanad Ijazah

One on One Session

With  Sheikh Dr Youcef Bensalah

Start: 1st October 2023

Time : Sunday ,9 am  

Duration:  Upon completion of the entire Quran

This is an Advanced Program

Participants :-

  • Must have basic understanding of tajweed & makhraj
  • Must be able to recite Quran fluently

Course Curriculum Content

  • Understanding the concept of Talaqqi Sanad and its application and techniques with correct recitation methodology.
  • Development of knowledge for the Talaqqi Sanad system adopted from the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
  • Practice sessions on the verbal transmission of the Quranic verses using the Talaqqi Sanad system methodology.
  • Comprehension of the different elongations methods in the Talaqqi Sanad system.
  • Understanding the proper pronunciations of Quranic verses in the Talaqqi Sanad system.
  • Understanding of the legal injunctions of the Quranic verses so as to preserve theTalaqqi Sanad system.
  • Preserving the recitation of the Quranic verses by adopting the Talaqqi Sanad system.

For further information please contact us at  +60146989214  or email to info.alnawawi@gmail.com 

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