The 100

The 100 Ranks of the Divine Seekers

A Lesson In Etiquette Towards God


With  Sheikh Sajad Ahmad

Start: 6th November 2023

Time : Mondays & Wednesdays, 9:00 AM  (GMT +8)

Course Description:

This course delves into the spiritual hierarchy and stages of seeking divine closeness to Allah SWT within the Islamic tradition. The deviant features of Nafs, bad habits, worldly longings with evil yearnings and lack of proper knowledge and practice weakens the Imaan. Nevertheless, There is, of course, an ardent desire in the heart of a believer to overcome all negative foibles and seek a strong connection with Allah SWT. The course has been designed to provide a guide to the path of Allah SWT. The course will explore the various ranks, roles, and characteristics of individuals who strive to deepen their connection with Allah SWT. Through a combination of historical context, Quranic verses, Hadith (Prophet's sayings), and the teachings of renowned Islamic scholars, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the spiritual journey in Islam. The course will explain the trajectory of The 100 stations of divine seekers to develop emphatic, deeper and logical relationship with Allah SWT. Besides discussing The 100 stations throughout the course, the following themes will be covered for better understanding of the course and how to translate the conceptual themes into practical essence.

Course Themes:

01. Introduction to importance of intellectual and Spiritual Seeking in Islam

Understanding the concept of seeking closeness to Allah SWT in Islam. Historical context and key figures in Islamic spiritual tradition.

02. The Rank of the Believer

Examining the fundamental aspects of faith and its significance in spiritual growth.

03. The Seeker's Journey

The stages and milestones of the seeker's journey towards Allah SWT.

04. The Role of Rituals and Worship

The importance of acts of worship and their impact on the seeker's progress.

05. The Path of Ihsan (seeking spiritual perfection)in Islam.

Delving into the concept of Ihsan and its teachings on spiritual ascension.

06. The Characteristics of Divine Seekers

Identifying the qualities and traits that define those on the path of seeking God.

07. Challenges and Obstacles

Discussing common hurdles and how to overcome them in the spiritual journey.

08. Contemporary Perspectives

Exploring modern deviant interpretations and approaches to divine seeking within the framework of Islamic traditional sources and outlining the requirements of true and authentic path seeking Allah SWT.

09. Conclusion and Reflection

Summarizing the course and encouraging personal reflection on the intellectual and spiritual journey.

By the end of this course, students will have a profound understanding of the ranks and roles of divine seekers in Islam and how this spiritual journey can enrich their lives. This course is suitable for all those interested in gaining closeness to Allah SWT and deeper insights into Islamic spirituality, as well as those seeking a deeper connection with their faith and their beloved Lord.

Recommended Text: Madarij al-Salikeen
Author: Hafiz Ibn al-Qayyim

Course Duration: ongoing (until covers whole text).

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