The People of The Book

The People of The Book

Understanding The Jewish/Christian Ethics

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With  Sheikh Dr. Shuayb Wani

Start: 9th November 2023

Time : Mondays & Thursdays, 9:00PMpm  (GMT +8)

The People of the Book occupy a prominent space in the Qur‘an and Sunnah. They are declared the greatest Ummah before us who were bestowed with the same mission and responsibility as us. However, they fell into the abyss of corruption/fasad and arrogance/kibr resulting in the humility and disgrace which became their fate till end times.

In the current climate of Palestine-Israel conflict, this course aims to understand the theological concerns of Ahl al-Kitab. By their ethic, we mean the overall behavior which shapes their actions in space and time. This will be achieved by a comparative study of their historical contexts and the Qur‘an.

The topics include: Ahl al-Kitab in the Qur‘an, The Jewish background, The Ethical breakthrough of Jesus (as), what is Man? Sin and Salvation, the Concept of Society etc.

Text: Christian Ethics - Dr. Ismail Raji al-Faruqi (d. 1986)

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