Ustadha Sarah Sani
Sarah holds an Ijaza/Sanad in the complete Quran recitation from Sheikh Hisham Abdul Bary (Egypt). Prior to that, she was a tajweed and recitation student of Sheykhah Wafaa Hussain Yee. Currently, she is reciting the Riwayah of Shu’bah under Sheikh Youcef Bensalah.   Sarah was working in the banking industry as a Human Resources practitioner specialising in industrial relations for 10 years before she discovered that teaching tajweed is her passion. She started teaching tajweed online with Tajweed Made Easy Academy. She had also attended short courses on tajweed and teaching methods organised by Arees University and Nurul Bayan to improver her tajweed teaching skills.   Sarah is a graduate of law from the International Islamic University and obtained her Master in Law from the University of Malaya. She continued taking Master in Education from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia. With her experience as an HR practitioner and knowledge in Education, she makes it a point to understand her students and provide a teaching method that suits them.   Sarah is an avid reader. If she is not reading, she will spend time doing fun activities and going to interesting places with her beloved family.
Ustadha Shahreen