Youcef Bensala

Youcef Bensala holds a PhD in Sharia (Fiqh & Usul) with a thesis titled: "The Principles of Prohibited Financial Transactions in Revealed Religions and Cultural Religions: A Comparative Study from the Perspective of Islamic Financial Transaction Principles." His passion for learning and teaching is evident through his extensive acquisition of skills over the years. Proficient in both Arabic and English, Youcef is capable of teaching various subjects related to Shariah, including Quran, Tafsir, Qira'at, Hadith, Hadith terminology, Fiqh, comparative fiqh, jurisprudence principles, Arabic language, and its scientific aspects.

Driven by a desire to deepen his teaching experience, Youcef is seeking opportunities to engage in higher learning institutions. He is also determined to achieve personal goals that encompass publishing academic papers and books, as well as enhancing his research skills to contribute meaningfully to the field of Sharia studies.

Sheikh Sajad Ahmad